Are You Playing Your Part To Save Water?

Hello My Dear Cool Fans. I’m Waterina The Water Fairy. I Have A Few Questions For You. If You Have All Correct You Are A WATER SUPERHERO/WATER LIVESAVER! If You Have Some No Or Yes, You Are Killing Me, Mother Earth And All People/Living Things On Earth! So, BE CONSIDERATE. 🙂

Here Are The Questions. Say Yes/No Only!

Q1. Do You Use A Basin To Wash Your Dishes? (Yes/No)

Q2. Do You take Long Showers Instead Of A 5minute Bath? (Yes/No)

Q3. Do You Water Your Plants With A Hose Instead Of A Watering Can? (Yes/No)

Q4. Do You Put A Few Clothes For Washing Instead Of More? (Yes/No)

Q5.  Do You Fix Your Leaking Tap Or Let It Be? (Yes/No)


Very Well My Dear Cool Fans. I Shall Leave And Come Back To See Comments. YOU MUST COMMENT!

Yours Sincerely,

Waterina The Water Fairy 🙂 GoodBye! ❤


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