#R.I.P. Christina Victoria Grimme

This IS SO SHOCKING!!! How Can Christina Grimme Just Go’UP’ Like THAT?! I Did NOT Know This As I Was In INDIA On The 10th Of June. This Is So Sad. Please Send Your Condolences. I Hope Christina Is Reading This. For A Chance To Get A ShoutOut, COMMENT  DOWN BELOW WHO IS YOUR FAVE […]

Father’s Day SPECIAL!!!!

Hey Guys! It’s CoolGirl186! Yes! TODAY IS…….. FATHER’S DAY! Oh No! Did You Forgot To Make A Gift For Your Dad? Don’t Worry! If You Are In My Blog, Read This Post Because I’m Giving YOU Ideas On What To Make! LET’S GET STARTED!!! I Found That This Treat Will Be Easy To Make!!   […]


Hey Guys!! I’m Back With More Riddles For You To Find Out! Let’s Move ON! 11. If I drink, I die. If I eat, I am fine. What am I? 12. What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? 13. What travels around the world but stays in one spot? 14.What occurs once […]

Sorry Guys!

Hey Guys! It’s Me CoolGirl Your CHEERY And CHIRPY COOL Best Friend! Sorry For Not Posting For A Very LOOOOOOONG Time. Stay Tuned Because I’m GONNNA RIDDLE YOU UP!!!!!!   Cheers To All From, CoolGirl186


Sorry Guys! I was having examinations. Thus, I could NOT go on my laptop. STAY TUNED because I’m gonna ROCK your boring afternoon!   CHEERS TO ALL FROM, COOLGIRL186

The SUNDAY ShoutOuts!

♥ The Top 5 ShoutOuts Are HERE!   5. PandaLover2016 4. GamerGirlzxd 3.WiseOwl8234 2. You GUYS! 1.My Awesome Visitors!   Thanks And GoodBye Till NEXT WEEK! Cheers To All From, CoolGirl186

How Are You Feeling Today?

I’m Gonna KICKSTART Your Afternoon With More Questions,Fun AND JOKES! Stay Tuned For More @https://coolnewthingsblog.wordpress.com/See Ya! (We Are Having The SUNDAY ShoutOuts!)   Cheers To All From, CoolGirl186